So many things, so little time!

Phew, it’s been a whirlwind couple of days on the family history front! My eyes are drooping so this is going to be a short little update.

I connected with a fourth cousin twice removed and this week have continued learning more about his family and our shared family history. I received the huge order of archival boxes on Tuesday (a day earlier than promised, though I was too busy to do anything with them) and spent a couple hours this evening affixing label holders and doing some rough sorting of loose and homeless photos. I also received the two Michigan death certificates I’d requested a couple weeks back and wasn’t expecting to see so soon… I didn’t get all the information I wanted, but did learn some key facts that will help me research some more.

Not really family history related, but tomorrow (er, today, since it’s well after midnight) I expect to receive a call to schedule delivery of a reclining comfy chair for my office. I am SO excited! I ordered the chair during a Presidents’ Day sale in February after drooling over it for a few months. I chose this particular one because it has a slim profile and low armrests to allow for a comfortable working position with my laptop. I have a good feeling about how this chair is going to affect my workflow since I work from home most of the time. And better job workflow means more time for discovering and sharing old family stories!

I feel like I should also mention that I am wearing nitrile gloves while typing this. This particular disposable pair has lasted me for several sessions of photo sorting and scanning, and I didn’t think I’d be on the computer for long. But here I am blogging. At least I know that my keyboard is safe from the acidic oils on my fingertips!

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