Not prepared for such flattery

After my blog “came out” on Geneabloggers this past weekend, I received some really nice comments and was happy to subscribe to a few new blogs as a result. The Armchair Genealogist (Lynn Palermo) stopped by, too, which was really cool because her website has already helped me as a newbie genealogist. Cooler than cool, though, was that she included Old Family Stories in her Monday Morning Mentions… and seriously complimented my writing! I was not prepared for such flattery, which is why I hid behind the couch for two days.

This is what she said:

New Genealogy Blog – we will tip our hat to a newcomer who impresses us right out of the box

This week’s mention:

Yvette at Old Family Stories is off to a wonderful start. I was intrigued because of her French-Canadian heritage, after looking through her blog I love her organization and writing, nice family history blog. Yvette writes like she is a detective off to find her next clue, very compelling to read. Pay her a visit maybe you can help her uncover her family history mysteries.

Thanks again, Lynn. You made my day.

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